Revving Up Logistics with Big Data & AI

Patrick Targun :: Apr 8, 2024


Today, we're diving under the hood of the data-driven machine that powers your distribution center. It's like fine-tuning your engine for peak performance, but with big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Big Data: The New Grease in the Gears

In the business world, data has become the gold in our toolboxes – the new oil, if you will. It's not just about collecting data; it's about cranking that wrench and making it work for us. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are swimming in 1.2 petabytes of information – that's a whopping 1.2 million terabytes – and they're using it to fine-tune their engines for product development, marketing, R&D, and customer service.

Now, let's talk logistics. The logistics game is drowning in data. We've got acronyms like ERP, OMS, WMS, WCS, and T&A flying around like wrenches in a busy garage. And guess what? There's even more – TMS, WES, LMS – the industry sure loves its three-letter acronyms! All these systems are loaded with databases, capturing millions of transitions over their lifetime.

Adding Intelligence to the Toolbox

But hold on tight, because we're not just hoarding data; we're putting it to work. With machine learning and AI, we're cranking up the horsepower in your distribution center. These databases are gold mines that can answer questions like:

  1. Do I have enough hands on deck today?
  2. Where should I deploy my crew to hit our goals?
  3. Where are orders hitting roadblocks in the process?
  4. What's stopping orders from shipping, and how do we fix it?
  5. Do I need more automation to handle the workload?
  6. What's the projected overtime, or can we send folks home early?

Putting Data to Work on the Shop Floor

At Targun, we're not just staring at the data; we're putting it to work for our clients. By digging into those databases, crunching the numbers, and most importantly, providing actionable recommendations based on the data, we're turning your data garage into a powerhouse of efficiency.

Imagine having all this info at your fingertips, empowering your crew to make quick decisions. It means better use of your team's time, faster cycle times, and smoother order flow. Our mission is simple – we're taking that data toolbox you've got and turning it into a set of advanced tools that'll supercharge your operations. Let's roll up our sleeves and optimize that warehouse!

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