The Future of Labor Planning

Patrick Targun :: May 6, 2024


Hey there, warehouse trailblazers! At Targun, we've shaken up the old operational productivity game by playing it from the ground up. You know the drill: each department head wrestling with the puzzle of peak performance, all while keeping an eagle eye on those ever-important KPIs.

But hold onto your hard hats, because we're not just shuffling numbers here. We're delivering a modular marvel that lets operations maestros orchestrate products to the right stage at just the right tempo. This isn't just a game-changer; it's a game redefiner that sings ROI in mere weeks.

Let's zoom in on one of our star players in the modular lineup.

Future Labor Planning, Powered by AI:

Remember the days when real-time visibility in the warehouse was as futuristic as flying cars? Well, those days are here, but we've pushed the envelope further. When you asked, "Can AI help us staff smarter for the shifts to come?" we answered with a resounding "Yes!"

Enter the domain of Piston Labor Planning, your AI-powered oracle for the workforce. With a sprinkle of machine learning magic, we're talking about scheduling your team with precision for the next week. This nifty tool uses AI to crunch numbers and patterns, giving you a crystal ball glimpse into staffing needs, making the guesswork old news.

Warehouse Throughput Targets on AI Steroids:

  1. Goals: With AI, hitting your work targets each shift isn't just a hope; it's a given.
  2. Dropped Work: AI ensures that if it's in your warehouse, it's out for delivery, on the dot.
  3. Scheduled Workers: It's like having an AI efficiency coach for every team member.
  4. SLAs: AI helps you meet delivery promises by optimizing cut-off times.

The operations symphony varies with each team, but our AI platform is the maestro, turning visibility and guidance into a harmonious flow of productivity. It's not just about who's clocking in; it's about where they shine the brightest and how that aligns with your grand plan for the day.

By tapping into the power of AI, we peel back the layers of your operations, revealing a path to optimized throughput. This isn't just about working harder; it's about working smarter. AI gives us the lowdown on who can do what best, and when the pick volumes will peak, so you can conduct your labor orchestra with finesse.

We're not just giving you a plan; we're handing you the conductor's baton. The platform's views – headcount, timeline, and roster – are your windows into a well-oiled machine, fine-tuned by AI.

Because here's the thing: Targun Piston isn't just collecting data; it's a hive mind of machine learning, constantly evolving and refining its understanding of your workers and their workflow. It's about actionable, predictive insights that help you craft the future of productivity in your warehouse, not just report on the past.

This leap from traditional Labor Management Systems to AI-driven foresight is monumental. We're no longer just tracking worker performance; we're architecting it. With Targun Piston, you're not just forecasting work; you're composing a masterpiece of efficiency and performance.

So, gear up, warehouse visionaries! The future of labor planning is here, and it's got AI written all over it.

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